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Digital HDTV Antenna

Whether you choose our Outdoor or Indoor/Outdoor, installation will be easy and quality will not disappoint. Our antennas offer a high quality output and low distortion, providing the best picture quality. Indoor/Outdoor antennas are lightweight and are coated and water proofed, for long life and use.

Indoor Antennas

Indoor antennas are designed to be optimal for dwelling where outdoor mounting is not possible, such as high rise buildings and apartments, providing simple installation, adjustable positioning, and receives both UHF and high-VHF signals. They are generally small but will need to be positioned near the television.

Outdoor Antennas

Outdoor antennas tend to be somewhat larger than indoor antennas because they are intended for roof, chimney or attic mounting. However they have a long-range reception, are capable of handling special needs such as dual-tower locations and the addition of low-VHF signal reception.

TV Antenna