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24 Port Ethernet Patch Panel

Our 24 port Ethernet patch panels are ETL Listed, and meet or exceed all ETA/ TIA standards. They can serve Ethernet networks, Fast or gigabit Ethernet networks. These patch panels create a great solution for cable management.An organized solution for putting together cable runs, patch panels serve to bring it all together in an easy panel. Patch panels also called Patch bays or patch fields contain a number of jacks for connecting all the circuts of your network. You can use one or more panels together to reach your desired results. These panels are solid and can route a number of circuts easily. 

Easily Connect multiple devices

Patch panels allows multiple devices to be connected and managed in a more effective manner, which will allow you to  organize and manager your cable network. These are used by many IT people for computer networks, and even sound and tv studios. They are a great way to reduce confusion over where and what cables are doing in your network.

Drawing together your components with the use of a patch panel is the most professional way to handle multiple wires and cables and are the best solutin for larger networks in network cable management.

Detailed Labeling for easy identification of wiring schemes and location

These panels support T568B and T568A wiring schemes. Each of them has extensive labeling so that you can see the scheme to be used on the panel back. On the front the labels indentify cable location so you will always easily know where each cable is going. Take a look at the different images where you can see the labeling features of this product. 

The panels on this page have 24 ports in them but we also carry 12 port and 48 port panels for those of you who need something smaller or larger.

24 Port