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48 Port Ethernet Patch Panel

Our 48 port rack-mount network patch panels allow multiple devices to be connected in the most professional and efficent way possible. These panels both meet or exceed all ETA/ TIA standards and are ETL Listed. They can serve Ethernet networks, Fast or gigabit Ethernet networks. They  will solve any need for larger 48 port cable management.

Improve Performance and Efficiency

When you are able to connect together multiple devices you can organize your cables in a way that is both efficient and looks organized. Who needs multiple cables running all over the closet when you can neatly package up the entire mess and make it look oh so pro. Seriously, Patch panels are the way to go. These are labeled for ease of use, and show wiring schemes on the back so you can see what is going on with the mess of cables you are tyring to orgainize in a concise manner.  If you are a profesional installer you know that patch panels are what your customer wants to see when you leave the job. The neatness and efficiency of the configuration you create using these will make a difference in whether or not you are given a high recommendation. These are used by IT manager and network installers in sound and tv studios as well as high density IT environements.Your computer networking will look fantastic and well organized, while all components are simply connected and easy to find on the panel. The absolute best solution for large network cable management.

Superior Performance

Constructed of top quality materials, they are durable and are built to last.  And because they exceed standards for connecting category 5e hardware, compliance with future services and industry standards is ensured.

48 Port