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Cat5e PVC Cable

Whether you choose our Cat5e Utp CMP Plenium cable, our outdoor cable, or our CMR Risers, you can be assured that you are purchasing a quality product. From pure Solid Annealed Bare Copper coating to Polymer Alloy (FEP), our products are superior, either meeting or exceeding industry standards and certifications. Plenum or CMP cables have a special insulation that has low smoke and low flame characteristics. This type is good for installation of security, fire, sound, HVAC or voice and data transmission. Our outdoor triple sheath cable (PET+PVC+PE) is water proof and UV resistant, specially designed for outdoor applications and direct burial. All 4 pairs are covered with Polyethylene terephthalate film (PET) which provides a barrier, protecting the wires from oxygen, water and carbon dioxide. The inner PVC layer provides extra durability along with the PET film. Everything is then covered by a LDPE(Low Density Polyethylene) jacket which consists of a UV resistance compound to protect the cable from disintegrating in sunlight. Our Cat5e CMR cable is designed to meet any Riser applications. Our Cat5e riser rated cable is ETL listed for USA and Canada (CSA). It features 4-pair unshielded twisted pair cable with true 24AWG bare copper solid conductor and flame retardant PVC This Cat5e unshielded twisted pair cable is a high performance data communication cable suitable for 350mhz high speed applications. It has excellent attenuation and crosstalk . The insulation is Polyethylene (PE) with a jacket of Flame Retardant PVC. Verified and compliant with ROHS. No matter which Cat5e PVC cable you choose, our products will bring home 350mhz with clarity and minimal interference. Call our friendly and knowledgeable customer representatives for more information and for help in choosing the best for your wiring needs.