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25 Ft Cat5e Patch Cable

The Cat5e Ethernet Patch Cable is used to provide connectivity between any two components that have RJ45 jacks. The cable's RJ45 connectors offer universal connectivity to computers and network components, such as routers, Keystone Jacks, network printers, and network attached storage devices.

Why make your own when you can depend on our pre-assembled patch cables.

When you have the need for less than 1000ft Cat5e cable, you may need these in different lengths. For example below is our listing of 25 foot Cat5e Patch Cables. These are assembled for you at a rate close to what it would cost for you to spend your time to cut, add a connector, hope you don't mess up, and assemble your own. If you are a pro installer you know it saves both time and money to do it this way. We do all the work for you in creating these patch cables in different lengths and colors.

Your network depends on the speed and quality of the lines running back and forth, your cable runs. When you have premade patch cables you can be sure that the quality of your run is going to be superior in general. While many people like to make their own, it can be time consuming and costly when breakage occurs. In addition our cables have snagless boots to avoid issues with installation.


When you need reliable quality cable for your cabling networks you can count on our cables.


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