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Cat5e Patch Cables

Our Cat5E patch cable wire offers high quality and performance. Wtih reliable Ethernet connections made with a true stranded conductor to meet all Category 5E specifications.Features a strain relief to prevent the RJ45 connector from bending at sharp angle, and a snagless boot to protect the plug from snags during installation.We carry 24AWG 4 pair Stranded, Unshielded Twisted Pair, T-568B standard wiring, Molded Strain Relief, Snag-Free boot, RoHS Compliant. Ethernet Patch Cable is sold in 1000ft rolls. Our Cat5e patch cable Wire The Category Patch cable like our Category 5e cable, specifications depending on type. Our ethernet patch cables come in 1ft to 10ft length. In addition to ethernet patch cable we also have ethernet patch panels.Make a selection to filter for 1ft Cat5e Patch Cable, 2ft Cat5e patch cable, 10ft Cat5e cables, etc. We carry them in packs up to 50 pack. The cable has 50 Micron Gold-plated contacts which are designed to help protect against corrosion.

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