All About Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA)

As in many professional industries, change happens over time rather than accepted instantaneously. New technologies must prove their worth and reliability, which may prove tricky at times. After all, time is the best judge of passing vs permanent trends.
Copper clad aluminum is a good example of an innovation that has faced initial skepticism in the wire and cable industry. Continue reading “All About Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA)”

Copper Cable or Aluminum Cable

Copper is without question the more widely used wire material in the wire and cable industry today. However, that wasn’t always the case. In the 1960’s and through most of the 1970’s aluminum was the go to cable. In the late 1970’s aluminum’s popularity tanked until it started picking up again in the 1990’s. If you are not sure which cable is best suited of your application, copper cable or aluminum cable, keep reading. Continue reading “Copper Cable or Aluminum Cable”

Replace Those Wall Plates

Wall Plates

Wall plates
What are wall plates you ask? They are the plastic covers over your power outlets or light switches. Wall plates are the decorative (or plain, depending on the style you choose) piece that hides the cutout in the wall. Behind them is where all the wires connect to the plug or switch.

You may ponder now why they need to be replaced. If they hide all that mess (holes in the walls and wires) shouldn’t we let them stay there, hiding away what we really don’t need to see? Continue reading “Replace Those Wall Plates”