All About USB Port

USB PortUniversal Serial Bus, or USB is an industry standard cable connecting computers and devices. It is designed to standardize the electric power supply cable for a vast variety of devices.
The USB was developed in the mid 90’s. By now there are three basic formats of USB connectors:
The standard format. This format is designed for desktop or portable equipment such as USB flash drives.
The mini format. A format intended for mobile equipment.
The micro size. This thinner format is designed for low-profile mobile equipment including most modern mobile phones. Continue reading “All About USB Port”

Designing a New Computer Network

Designing a New Computer NetworkWhen designing a new computer network there are a number of items to consider. Regardless of the number of users, their needs and desires must be explored and understood. The budget is as important to take into consideration during the network design process. Balancing security and ease of access is crucial. Redundancy needs to be built to overcome troubleshooting issues. Hardware and software should be standardized in order to keep maintenance costs in check. A recovery plan should be designed and the option for growth.

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