Position Those Speakers

Adding sound to your home is a spectacular upgrade to music/home theater lovers. Who are we kidding? It’s awesome no matter who you are. Speakers in your home theater dedicated room or throughout your home can make a great difference in the ambiance of life.
Now deciding where those speakers should be located and if they should be in wall/ceiling or freestanding, that is a good question; One without one right/wrong answer, and plenty of for/against arguments. Continue reading “Position Those Speakers”

Speaker Wire Size Guide

Speaker WireGetting new speakers for your home theater, A/V system or computer is a great upgrade. It is always a treat to enjoy good sound quality, regardless of what you are listening to (music, movie, etc.). To connect them, you now need to buy speaker wires, which are necessarily included. Another item that is not included is a speaker wire size guide or specific requirements for them. So you are left to figure out which AWG (gauge) is needed and what the difference between 18AWG, 16AWG, 14AWG and 12AWG is. Continue reading “Speaker Wire Size Guide”