Designing a New Computer Network

Designing a New Computer NetworkWhen designing a new computer network there are a number of items to consider. Regardless of the number of users, their needs and desires must be explored and understood. The budget is as important to take into consideration during the network design process. Balancing security and ease of access is crucial. Redundancy needs to be built to overcome troubleshooting issues. Hardware and software should be standardized in order to keep maintenance costs in check. A recovery plan should be designed and the option for growth.

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Copper Clad Aluminum – Think Outside the “Copper Box”

Copper Clad Aluminum - CCAFor a long time Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) has been met with skepticism. So much that when you run a quick internet search, you may still find that it is hard to change an industry’s opinion. So hard in fact, that CCA still has to fend for its right to be used in installations in some cases. That is regardless of the fact that it has proven to be a valid solutions for certain applications. Continue reading “Copper Clad Aluminum – Think Outside the “Copper Box””