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Ethernet Patch Panel

The ethernet patch panel or patch bay, comes in different configurations such as the 12 port, 24 port, and 48 port, and we also carry the mini patch panel. These panels support 23 to 26 AWG stranded and solid wire which are great for Ethernet, Fast or gigabit Ethernet networks. These professional grade rack mounted patch panels used for both residential and commercial installs are a perfect solution in cable management. Used for all category cable sizes we carry, they are IDC (punch down) type termination, with TIA/EIA T568A and T568B wiring options and gold plate on contact as well as ETL Listed. What more could you want? Our patch panels meet ALL EIA/TIA Standards for CAT5e and CAT6 applications. The network patch panel is another name for the patch panel or ethernet patch panel, either way they are of great quality and performance.