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Cat5e 15 Ft Patch Cable

Why make your own Cat5e patch cables when you can use a great quality cable to meet your needs without all the hassle. These Category 5e Patch cables are ideal for connecting between two different electronic components and give your devices reliable speed.  In fact, all of our patch cables feature strain relief, eliminating the possibility of the RJ45 connector bending at sharp angle, and the snag-less boot protects the plug from snags that may occur during installation.

What color is your cable?

Patch cables come in a variaty of lengths and colors so we have the right cable for any application that you need. We see a lot of people who only want blue patch cable, but we also know there is a need for many different colors and sizes. 

Available in many lengths to meet you needs: 1 foot, 2 feet, 3 feet, 5 feet,7 feet, 10 feet,15 feet,50 feet,100 feet

You can read our article on how to make your own patch cables, or how to create your own ethernet cables, but we have done the deed for you and make your job just a little bit easier and faster. Cable and network installers know the faster you complete your network the more network installation work you can take on. If you consider the pennies you will save to make your own, you can easily justify that by purchasing the cables already made.