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100 Ft Cat5e Patch Cables

Performance in Network Connections

These Cat5e 100ft Cables are used for ethernet networks and come in blue, black, white and grey. You can use these cables to patch-in divices for signal routing perfectly, whether it be a switch or a computer, or even a switch to a router. Tektel knows that network communications require good quality in order to preserve data. This is why we test all our products to make sure they provide you with the type of networking wire you need.

Cable and Wire you can trust

We carry superior networking cables, tools and supplies for all your needs. If you need a patch cord, bulk cable or ethernet patch panel we have it. These cables also called LAN cable, or cable wire or patch cord. They are available in 350mHz, unshielded twisted pair and have 50 Micron Gold-plated Contacts. We have so many different cables for various configurations and we're always glad to help you if you need assistance. Please let us know.

What are 100ft Cables used for?

While we have many sizes of cable available, sometimes you have to go the distance and want to save time by using a fixed-length Ethernet Network Cable. You can use these cables in applications that require a greater distance while not compromising performance. If you need a different size please check out our Cat5e Patch Cable.