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Cat6 CMP Cable

Cat6 CMP cables are used for Pleneum spaces such as the ceiling. This cable is made to be safe from issues and risk of fire hazards etc. It has features that prevent smoke and toxic fumes in case of any kind of a fire. You can also use this type of cable in walls. Although mostly used for networking and data transfer, they can also be used to support phone lines. They can handle 10/ 100/ 1000mbps.

Quality CMP Cables

Our plenum rated cables are made with 4 solid UTP (Unshielded twisted pair) and a 23AWG conductor. The wire is solid annealed bare copper. The insulation is Polymer Alloy (FEP). and they are flame retardant, ROHS and ETL listed.

  • Length: 1,000 feet (305 meters)
  • Pull box
  •  1000ft bulk cat6 cables. Our cables come in blue, grey, white, and other colors.


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